"The whole cryotherapy experience has been extraordinary!  When I started my sessions my body was covered with hives and sores, I was over-stressed, and felt as though a dark cloud was hovering over me.  With each treatment my skin improved exponentially, my stress levels reduced, and my dark cloud seemed to dissolve.  The results I experienced from cryotherapy have helped me move through some very difficult obstacles I've recently faced in my life. Thanks to the staff at The Cryo Spa, I am on the road to a healthier, happier me." 

~ Dawn B.


"I suffer from chronic pain due to a herniated disc, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease.  As an extremely active and athletic person, to not be able to do the things I love to have fun and stay fit, is devastating.  I also had to quit my job bar tending, almost three years ago, because I couldn't walk for a month.  Unfortunately, I fall through every little crack when it comes to getting helped or fixed.  As far as insurance goes, it's pre-existing so my insurance won't cover anything to do with my spine.  I was going to have a discectomy back in the winter of 2010, but the surgeons were reluctant since we were going to pay cash.  They couldn't guarantee it would work and didn't feel comfortable taking our money.  Surprising, but true.  They're used to dealing with insurance companies.  If it doesn't work they just go back in and try again.  That has left me with no other choice than to spend thousands of dollars on alternative therapies.  I have the Tempurpedic mattress, I've done injections, spinal decompression, acupuncture, pain management, we actually bought one of those Back2Life machines, magic crystals...the list goes on.  When I started cryotherapy I experienced more consecutive pain free days than I had in 7 years!  It brought me to tears, several times, because I was so happy!  When you live in chronic pain the simplest tasks become monumental.  To be able to live my life in less pain while also sharing cryotherapy's life changing benefits with others, brings me more joy than I ever thought possible.  Being an owner of The Cryo Spa Inc. has started a new chapter in my life and given me the opportunity to help others, who literally, feel my pain."  

~ Allison C.


"As someone with many illnesses, arthritis, migraines, and severe allergies, cryotherapy has seriously helped!  My joint pain has decreased and my range of motion in my affected joints has improved.  My migraines are occurring less frequently, not necessarily their severity, but I get less each month.  Cryo has also improved my overall attitude and well being.  I've noticed I have more energy and I'm just in an overall better mood after doing cryo!  It's something I really enjoy doing and is making me feel significantly better. helps with the stress of college."

~ Hannah Z. - TCU student


"After I tore my ACL this past summer my knee constantly brought me some type of pain.  Icing it only did so much and I hated having to modify my workouts.  My competitive nature didn't allow me to take "rest" days.  After starting cryo on a regular basis my knee is much more manageable and rarely swells!  I love cryo!!"

~ Ali P.


"I had L4 L5 surgery 2 years ago and still have a nerve that becomes inflamed if I stand too long or lay down.  Cryo has been a life saver for me.  The pain is gone most of the time.  It is such a blessing to feel good and be pain free.  I would recommend that everyone give it a try.  It has been well worth it to me and many others.  What a blessing!!"

~ Donna M.


"One of the ways I come down off of the morning at work and get energized is by going to cryotherapy every day during my lunch hour!  The girls at The Cryo Spa Fort Worth are the best!  Between a nice, good freeze and the few minutes I spend chatting with them, I always leave smiling and ready to head back to work and face whatever comes up!  And even more importantly, it's what has gotten me back to running after I had to have surgery for a torn meniscus.  If you haven't tried cryotherapy, you should!  Besides how good you feel afterwards, there are so many benefits including increased metabolism, less inflammation/swelling, less muscle soreness, faster recovery from injuries, better sleep, and more!!"

~ Marsha C.


"My previous job required me to be on my feet all day long.  I was lacking energy and experiencing lower back pain.  Once I experienced cryo for the first time, I immediately noticed a boost of energy and the pain in my back was gone.  Cryo continues to help boost my energy level throughout the day.  I love it!"

~ Michelle Y.




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