Whole Body Cryotherapy is sweeping the nation with its amazing benefits and revolutionary approach to enhanced performance, full body rejuvenation, and overall wellness.  

WBC was originally developed by Dr. Yamaguchi, in Japan in 1978 while treating his rheumatoid arthritis patients.  Its benefits have since then been studied and refined in Europe.  It wasn't until a few Polish doctors and scientists developed the cryosauna to give us WBC as we know it today.  It has just recently been introduced to the United States, becoming immediately popular among doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and most professional athletes.  

What to Expect After Cryo:

Increased Energy:  After your first cryo session you will notice increased energy.  Due to the boost your metabolism just received you can burn 500 or more calories in the next several hours.  You may be a little hungry so a light, healthy snack will help keep your hunger in check.

Better Sleep:  Even people with insomnia get great sleep after cryo, so get tucked in for some sweet dreams and plan on getting a good night's rest.

Reduced Pain:  During your cryo session inflammation throughout your body has been decreased and your pain tolerance elevated.  This leads to less pain, which allows you to do the things you love to do!

Feel Good:  Cryo is also great because of the production of extra endorphins your body produces!  Many people are using cryotherapy to help with depression and anxiety symptoms.

Improved Focus:  After a cryo session you feel like you could conquer the world!  If there is something you need to get done, now is the time to do it.  During cryo your serontonin production has increased helping the body to regulate your appetite, mood, and focus!

Join us at The Cryo Spa to experience this phenomenal treatment today!  It's never too late to start feeling your best!

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